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Important Buyer Information


(a) Payments - have PayPal?

Payments on Global Music Network® are handled by PayPal; it's easy to set up an account with payPal, and once you do, you can pay for your purchases from your checking account or with your debit or credit card. We also make it easy for you to pay offline, if you wish. Instead of clicking on the BUY NOW! button, click on “Purchase by mail” to provide customer service the item(s) number(s) and quantity of items you need, and customer service will send you an online invoice (including price, shipping & handling, and other details) you can use to order by mail.  It's that easy!


(b) Shipping and Handling

Global Music Network® ships via United States Postal Service (USPS) and charges a flat, low shipping and handling rate of $2.58 per First Class Mail Parcel on orders shipped anywhere in the continental United States – no matter the weight or number of items shipped. Please contact us for rates for international and non-continental United States shipments.

For weekday orders, we make every effort to ship the same day or within twenty-four hours from the time the order is received. Orders placed on weekends are planned to be shipped on Monday. Delivery time is on average about four days including the day of shipment, if shipped early enough on that day.


(c) The Georgia Department of Revenue and Sales Tax Applicability

Below is a statement from the Georgia Department of Revenue (1-877-423-6711) (https://etax.dor.ga.gov)

"Internet, Mail Order and Out of State Purchases: Georgia Use Tax is due on all purchases made through the Internet, via mail order, or from an out-of-state company when Georgia Sales Tax is not collected by the selling company. The use tax rate is the same as the sales tax rate imposed in the Georgia county of delivery." 

Georgia is the resident or home state for Global Music Network®. Hence,  Global Music Network® is required to collect sales taxes on purchases by Georgia residents and remit the sales taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

If a Georgia company has branches in other states, those branches will collect sales taxes for those states. Everything else is interstate commerce. The Georgia Department of Revenue does not collect sales taxes for interstate commerce.


Question: What happens if you are an out-of-state resident who purchases from Global Music Network® but requests that the order be shipped to a Georgia address?

Answer: In such a case, Georgia sales taxes would also be applicable.

The sales tax rate for Georgia is based on the county in which the Georgia company is located. For purchases from Global Music Network®  the sales tax rate is currently 7%. Sales taxes are calculated after shipping & handling is added to the purchase. 


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